Have you ever wanted to:
  • Enable greyed out buttons
  • Move controls within a window
  • Interact directly with other applications
  • Determine hidden passwords
  • Find hidden buttons or other controls
At the click of a button, Magic Mouse can move, hide, disable or enable any window, button or other control in real time.

Forget about making changes in the source code and re-compiling every time you want to make a change to your application. With Magic Mouse, simply pick up the button or other control, move it where you want and take a look!

Frustrated with disabled or hidden windows when testing new features? With Magic Mouse, simply enable or show that window or button and continue testing. This feature is invaluable for User Interface Testing.

Forgotten that password? Magic Mouse shows you instantly what those string of *** actually are. Passwords for documents can be found with ease.

Buttons disabled or hidden for security reasons? Magic Mouse can bypass it all.

Any Windows API function can be sent to any application through Magic Mouse. The possible uses of Magic Mouse are unlimited.

Serious software developers won't know how they lived without this esssential instrument for increased productivity and real time windows interaction. For fun, find all those hidden windows in Microsoft software. You won't beleive how many unfinished, unused and unessential windows there are!

Magic Mouse is the fast, easy-to-use system designed to save developers time and money and bring a whole lot of fun and intrigue to less serious computer users.

Magic Mouse - an interactive tool for the serious to the serious funseeker.

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Magic Mouse allows you to interact with all windows on your machine. At the click of a button windows can be moved, enabled, disabled or hidden.

For software developers this can be very useful whilst testing a particular feature where a button is disabled, or even hidden, possibly for security reasons. Simply enable or show the button and continue testing that feature.

Very quickly you increase your productivity as you reap the benefits of been able to interact with your applcation at run-time.

Any Windows API message can be sent to any window very simply by Magic Mouse. In many cases you don't need any knowledge of the API as many messages are self explanatory. For example you can send the WM_SETTEXT message to set the text of any button, window, checkbox etc. Hundreds of API messages are available through Magic Mouses' unique API message screen.

You can use Magic Mouse to move resources in dialogs in real time. Experience the power of Magic Mouse as you literally pick up buttons and move them. This can be very useful to see at run-time what a resource will look like. Additionally you can set the text of any window at run-time. This can enhance your productivity by not requiring you to go back to your resources, make the changes and then recompile to see them.


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The Customiser allows you to set the position and size of any window, button or other control and set...


Majella Frick
"Finding hidden windows was never easier and moving the buttons around was fantastic."
Julian Rzeniowsecki
"Very handy to get around the problems with Windows."
Ian Knowles
"A very useful and productive developers tool."
David Strangward
"We had forgotten our password for Netscape and had to change mail boxes. Without Magic Mouse the company would not have been able to download any email for atleast 2 days whilst we had our password cancelled."

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